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Photo by Fabrice Villard on Unsplash

Never trust anyone who can’t admit they made a mistake.

I’m going to admit a mistake. I thought I should write on this site every day. I was wrong. Then I realized that in my life I’ve created a rhythm. Really I’m obeying a natural rhythm. It’s called resting.

Every natural thing requires rest in order to grow. It’s a law of nature. So in order to stay healthy and keep growing, I need to rest.

If you’re looking for a great book on this topic check out Wayne Muller’s book called Sabbath. He includes a wide range of religious traditions, practical thought and scientific evidence on why rest isn’t just a commandment, it’s also a great thing for anyone who wants to have a great life.

So I won’t be writing on this site on Sundays. Yes, I could schedule a post in advance but I like to write them each day. So this will be my last Sunday post.

I hope you liked it and I hope you had a restful Sunday. If you didn’t get Wayne’s book. It’s worth your time and money.