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Whenever I start to write I think about you. It’s not helping.

But if I was writing for my kids, I’d write. If I was just writing because it’s fun, I’d write. But I just keep thinking about you, and it’s keeping me from writing.

Do you know who gets criticized? People who have opinions. Do you know who doesn’t have to worry about people disliking them? People who say nothing.

When you’re driven to protect your ego you avoid criticism. Criticism only happens if you say something that could be disagreed with.

So, I don’t write and I blame you.

It’s not your fault though. The fault, and the reason I don’t write more, is because of my inability to believe who I am outside of other people’s opinions. I am who I am. I’m not what you think I am.

Not things I thought I’d still be dealing with I turned 40, or 41, or 42, or 43.

But maybe there’s some power in saying it out loud. We’ll see.