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From What if? to What is.

Adorning The Dark by Andrew Peterson

He wrote this as he walked home, after finishing one of his books.

The walk down the hill to our sleepy house was the crossing of a threshold. It was a transition from the world of “what if?” to the world of “what is.” 

Andrew Peterson – Adorning The Dark

We were made to make things.

What’s a meal like for a chef? It’s full of preparation and then execution, a culmination of years of training.

What’s a meal like for the diner? They experience it, and enjoy it, but the experience is drastically different.

Who enjoys the meal more?

We are all diners, but how many of us are chefs? How many of us put the time in to learn a craft, train, try, fail, hone, improve and become good? 

Consumption is satisfying, there’s no doubting that, but when we consume it’s over. We’ve experienced it as an individual.

When we create, depending on the medium, uncountable people could be influenced. 

What do you need to make? Make it.