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What you need to write

  1. A small idea (It’ll grow if you let it out).
  2. A headline (Be clever or use one of those headline formulas you see so many people use).
  3. Small paragraphs (People are busy so it’s easier to skim your short paragraphs).
  4. Someone you care about (Write for someone you think needs to hear your words, it’ll inspire you to keep going).
  5. No one (Don’t think of the critics or the people who will unsubscribe because you’ll soften your words or worse yet not write them at all).
  6. A device (Literally any device will do. I’m writing this entire post on my iPhone in the WordPress app).
  7. A click (You have to hit publish).

I was wrong. I need to rest.

Photo by Fabrice Villard on Unsplash

Never trust anyone who can’t admit they made a mistake.

I’m going to admit a mistake. I thought I should write on this site every day. I was wrong. Then I realized that in my life I’ve created a rhythm. Really I’m obeying a natural rhythm. It’s called resting.

Every natural thing requires rest in order to grow. It’s a law of nature. So in order to stay healthy and keep growing, I need to rest.

If you’re looking for a great book on this topic check out Wayne Muller’s book called Sabbath. He includes a wide range of religious traditions, practical thought and scientific evidence on why rest isn’t just a commandment, it’s also a great thing for anyone who wants to have a great life.

So I won’t be writing on this site on Sundays. Yes, I could schedule a post in advance but I like to write them each day. So this will be my last Sunday post.

I hope you liked it and I hope you had a restful Sunday. If you didn’t get Wayne’s book. It’s worth your time and money.


Blink hard

As we approached the auditorium where she would perform for hundreds of people I stopped her. I pointed to the building and said to my 10 year old daughter, “Caroline, remember what you are doing here tonight. Remember as much as you can. Blink hard.”

The clichés are true. Minutes become hours, hours become days, days add up into the years that become a life. But it all begins with moments.

To remember those moments I’ve taught myself and my family to blink hard. Choose the moments you want to remember.

Choose to remember moments. Blink hard.

Question of the week: Struggling financially

Why are we afraid to tell others that we are struggling financially?

Comment below.

Why You Haven’t Done That Yet

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

NOTE: I have not figured this out. I am figuring this out. 

How much do you have left to do? What incomplete or yet to be started tasks are nagging at you? 

If you don’t possess a God-given productivity gift then do yourself a favor. Never write down a task to be done without a time to do the task.

Tasks without times (deadlines) are regrets waiting to happen. 

Tasks without deadlines are regrets waiting to happen.

Do you start each day by writing down your future regrets? That’s what most to-do lists become. They’re seedlings of regret that are nurtured by our inability to say when we’re going to do the task.

So when you write down a task put it on your calendar.

If It’s Not On Your Calendar Let It Go

If it’s not on your calendar release yourself from the expectation that it’s going to be done anytime soon because it isn’t. 

We make time for the things that matter so if a task matters give it a time.

This works for lazy, undisciplined people and hyper-focused diligent people. That’s what some disciplined people told me.